Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Have you ever found yourself mid-workout, wishing you had a cheerleading squad behind you to keep that motivation up? Or perhaps, you’ve hoped for a gang to laugh with when that burpee goes hilariously wrong? Well Group Fitness Classes might just be the answer to your workout dreams. Let’s dive into the super cool benefits of sweating it out with a squad.

1. Motivation Overload!

Firstly, the most noticeable difference between solo training and Group Fitness is the benefit of having other people around! Remember those days when the mere thought of lifting weights felt like a weight itself? Good news! Studies have shown that working out in a group can provide the kick you need. A study by the American Society of Kinesiology showed that people who exercise in groups experience lower stress levels and a bigger improvement in mental, physical, and emotional quality of life than those working out solo (Kremer, Elphinston, & Leslie, 2019). So, next time you’re feeling sluggish, grab a buddy (or ten!).

2. Consistency is Key

The most important aspect in Training is consistency! When you make plans to meet your friends at the gym, you’re less likely to hit the snooze button or watch “just one more” episode of your favorite show. A study from the University of Aberdeen found that finding a new exercise companion increased the amount of exercise people engaged in (Povey, 2017). Your fitness pals won’t let you flake!

3. Learn Proper Techniques

Additionally, in Group Classes, there’s always a Coach, who is a trained professional, leading the pack. Coaches give real-time feedback on your posture and form, as well as cheering you on! As per an article from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a certified instructor ensures exercises are done correctly, maximizing results and minimizing injury risk (Hanson, 2020). Say goodbye to your wonky lunges!

4. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Furthermore, it’s important to consider that workouts can sometimes become monotonous and boring. Group fitness classes are often dynamic, involving music, synchronized moves, or even themed sessions. Plus, there’s nothing like the collective groan during a tough move or the synchronized laughter when someone (maybe even the Coach) makes a goofy mistake.

5. Broaden Your Social Network

Besides toning your muscles, group workouts can also be great for your social life. Making friends with similar fitness goals can offer encouragement during and outside classes. It’s like high school, minus the drama, and with a lot more sweat!

6. Mental Boost

Lastly, multiple researchers emphasize the mental benefits of group exercises. Endorphins released during workouts can be amplified in a group setting, which translates to improved mood and decreased levels of stress (Kremer, Elphinston, & Leslie, 2019). Let your stress decrease even further, with no financial burden! Sign up for our Free Week Intro pass now and join a week’s worth of classes with us, free of charge!


In conclusion, while solo workouts have their time and place, factoring in Group Fitness Classes can have undeniable benefits. From being your real-life cheerleaders to holding you accountable for that extra rep, Group Classes can help transform your fitness journey. Ready to make your next workout a party? Grab a towel, a water bottle, and your bestie, and join a class! Check out our calendar here to find one that works with your schedule. Check out this article from Katherine Dalton for more information on some benefits of Group Fitness environments!



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