Personal Training is the best way to build overall strength, improve cardio, and learn proper exercise biomechanics to help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. Keelan’s Team of Personal Trainers will give you the motivation and guidance to make the most out of your workouts. Our goal is to give you confidence, education, and develop intrinsic motivation so you can feel in control of your own health. 

What to Expect

Each Personal Training session or Group Personal Training session is 45-60 minutes individualized to your wants and needs, which we assess on a day to day basis. The session will begin with a warm-up, any necessary movement/mobility or rehabilitation, then the workout, followed by stretching/cooldown. However, no two workouts are the same! 

Our Approach

Our Award-Winning Personal Trainers are the best in the City because we really do care about your health. We want to connect with you to identify your true needs and focus on your goals. We’re not Drill Sergeants, but we’ll exercise a bit of tough love if we need to. We’re on top of the most recent research and developments in the fitness industry so you can always guarantee your workouts are what is optimal for your health.


The best way to ensure you get the most out of each Personal Training session is to start with a Personal Training Phone Consult (see below). This 10-15 minute call is your opportunity to get to know the Trainer, while discussing your wants and needs. Following the Consult, we’ll either jump into training or perform an assessment. Every assessment is different, but we tailor it to your needs. This may include a mobility screen, strength testing, flexibility testing, and body composition testing in addition to exercise introductions and overall education.


Personal Training is an investment in your health. Whether you’re interested in one on one or group Personal Training our Trainers will discuss a variety of Training package options to fit your needs and budget. To get started, fill out the Assessment Application or call the studio at 778-430-3113.

Personal Training Assessment Application

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