Personal Training is for any age, any ability, and any-body. Our highly educated Team of Certified Personal Trainers is ready to curate a plan specific to your health and fitness goals. Lead by 17-year Trainer veteran Keelan Clemens, BPM’s Team uses a proven, science-driven, blueprint to give you the tools and guidance for achieving life-changing results in our private and modern fitness studio.

What to Expect

Each Personal Training session is 45-60 minutes individualized to your wants and needs, which we assess on a day to day basis. The session will begin with a warm-up, any necessary movement/mobility or rehabilitation, then the workout, followed by stretching/cooldown. However, no two workouts are the same! 

3 Sessions

This intro offer gives you 3 sessions with our Award-Winning Personal Trainers at BPM Fitness Centre located at 800B Cloverdale Avenue, PLUS an initial assessment to go over goals, establish a baseline, and prepare you for the sessions to come. 

Bonus Assessment

The best way to ensure you get the most out of each Personal Training session is to start with an assessment. This 45-60 minute one-on-one session is your opportunity to get to know the Trainer, while discussing your wants and needs. Every assessment is different, but we tailor it to your needs. This may include a mobility screen, strength testing, and flexibility testing, in addition to exercise introductions and overall education.

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